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Youth Support

Children “with foreign roots” are children with at least one parent who came to Japan from another country.

NPO Tsutamaru helps these children to become independent so they can overcome any difficulties they may encounter and build a strong foundation in their lives.

We support young people over school age who wish to go to high school

Young people aged 15 or over who came to Japan after completing compulsory education in their home country are currently unable to transfer to a public junior high school in Japan. If they wish to enter high school in Japan, they have to pass the high school entrance exam on their own. If they do not have a place to learn, there will be many obstacles in their way to entering high school.

So, Tsutamaru supports those young people by offering them a “place to study” and a “place to belong.”

We support young people learning Japanese with online courses

We support young people who wish to take online Japanese lessons with the YSC Global School’s NICO PROJECT, which is managed by the NPO Youth Support Center in Tokyo. As part of that project you can have fun learning Japanese efficiently in a short period of time. These lessons are not video lessons, they are “interactive”. You can learn Japanese in the same style as in-person lessons at school, where you and teachers talk interactively during class.

You can take lessons either at Tsutamaru’s office using our PC and other equipment, or you can take the lessons at home. You can also borrow a tablet device.

Tsutamaru staff members and supporters help you with your homework, and talk with your parents through an interpreter. So, you can prepare yourself for your high school entrance exam without worries.

We hold study sessions during the summer and winter vacations

We hold study sessions in the summer and winter vacations. Participants bring learning materials such as their homework and study with the help of volunteer teachers. After studying participants make a simple meal together, which aims to help them become more self-reliant in their “diet”. Participants are junior high school students, junior high graduates preparing for a high school entrance exam and high school students with foreign roots. Volunteer teachers include university students who have returned home during the holidays. We hold these study sessions regularly to offer participants a place where they belong and a place to interact with adults in their neighborhood outside of their family and school.

We are now suspending our study sessions due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Your support is highly welcomed

Our Youth Support Program is paid for by NPO Tsutamaru’s operating revenue and your donations. We ask for your support and cooperation with this program, so that young people with foreign roots can move forward with confidence to achieving their dreams.

>> Click here to make a donation.

Your donation could pay for:

● Approx. 3,000 yen could provide an interpreter for an interview with parents.
● Approx. 10,000 yen could provide a learning assistant to a student for one week.
● Approx. 50,000 yen could provide a small lecture that aims to help children become more self-reliant in their “diet”!